The Calma Range has been designed to meet the needs of certain customers who want performance and quality at affordable costs. That is why we have developed a series of spas with these characteristics.

The benefits in hydrotherapy are optimal, with a number of jets ranging from 30 to 100 units providing massage from the soles of the feet to the cervicals. They also offer outstanding equipment such as perimeter chromotherapy, underwater LED, waterfalls, Roman fountains or flower fountains.

They are models designed for the whole family and / or to enjoy with friends with a capacity for 5 or 6 seats and all with measurements of 200 × 200 cm.

The Potenza Range encompasses the spas with the highest hydrotherapy benefits on the world market, offering 123 to 162 jets and a maximum of 9 HP of hydromassage power.

All the models have the so-called Big Surfing Jets, which in a very small space of the body inject 7 inches of continuous hydromassage, which translates into an important aid in the recovery of muscle and joint injuries.

Acquiring a spa of the Mitto, Tsunami, Giulia, Persia, Cyclone or Maximus models, a therapy is guaranteed from the soles of the feet to the cervicals, including legs, glutes, lumbar and dorsal, combining water and air massage.

The positions are wide and ergonomic, allowing a comfortable and pleasant massage.

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