Spa A6L Premium Line

This spa offers space for 5 people. It has the Premium seat, equipped with jets for hands, thighs, with 4 JetPaks ™. Its dimensions and height of 86 cm make it the ideal spa for indoor use.


  1. Size: Rectangular 203x224x86cm
  2. Number of seats reclining / sitting: 1/4 seats
  3. Cervical pillow: 4 units
  4. Weight (dry): 261 kg
  5. Weight (maximum load): 1585 kg
  6. Capacity up to level line: 1324 l
  7. Max. Capacity: 1804 l
  8. Pumping power 1 Pump: 2.5 HP


The outdoor hot tub combines different functions to provide you with an optimal wellness experience: the hot water gently envelops the body, giving it a feeling of weightlessness. Eliminates tensions and provides deep relaxation. The pleasant hydromassage relaxes the muscles and relieves tension, while the view of nature and the great outdoors provide new energy.