Finnish Saunas

The Finnish sauna is a hermetic wooden cabin that works through a heating system of stones or electrical resistances.

- Different woods: Nordic Fir, Ayous, Red Cedar, Birch. - Wall configuration: L-shaped glass front, glass front without wooden door frame, wooden front with wooden door frame, combination of glass and wood with fixed window. - Types of benches: Cantilevered benches (They allow easier floor cleaning, not recommended for public use, if they exceed one and a half meters they must be reinforced with a support) and closed benches (Difficult floor cleaning, recommended for public use, high capacity of load), they measure a minimum of 45cm in width. - Between the measurements of the stove (models from 3 to 12 Kw) and the safety distance to be left with the users, a space of 60 cm is required. - Door configuration: PREMIUM door without wooden frame. Stainless steel hinges - Basic door with wooden frame - Wooden door with secure lock. - Lighting: RGB behind backrest - Starry sky - Cantilever RGB line - Basic lighting. It includes:
  • Bucket and dipper
  • Hourglass
  • Thermo – Hygrometer
  • Stones
  • Eucalyptus and wooden heads




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