Spa Potenza Tsunami

The Spa has been configured for three people, two of them in a lying position and one in a sitting position. One of its characteristics is the comfort of its ergonomically designed and spacious loungers. IT DOES NOT INCLUDE TRANSPORTATION OR SETUP.

10043.00 7078.50
  1. Measures: 210x160x89cm
  2. Capacity: 3 peolpe
  3. Total jets: 83 pcs
  4. Roman fountain led: 1 pcs
  5. underwater led: 1 pcs
  6. Perimetral led: 18 pcs
  7. Hydromassage - recirculation pump: 2x3Cv - 1x1Cv
  8. Heater: 1x3Kw
  9. Ozonator: 1 pcs
  10. Water flow valves: 1 pcs
  11. Ventury valves: 2 pcs
  12. Paper filters: 1pcs
  13. Headrest: 3 pcs
  14. Aromatherapy


Energy consumption

The maximum electrical consumption of this Spa is 7,000 W, which can be reduced by 30% if it is connected in such a way that the heater and filtration never start while the hydromassage is activated. On the other hand, the BALBOA WATER GROUP electronics allow to reduce heating consumption by activating the ECONOMY Mode through which we can heat the water only during filtration.