Spa Potenza Mitto

It is a Spa conceived for couples, in which they can enjoy lying down. Its reduced measurements make it an ideal Spa for small spaces such as terraces, attics or interior rooms. IT DOES NOT INCLUDE TRANSPORTATION OR SETUP


  1. Measures: 190x135x73cm
  2. Capacity: 2 peolpe
  3. Total jets: 41 pcs
  4. Underwater led: 1 pcs
  5. Perimeters led: 2 pcs
  6. Hydromassage - recirculation pump: 1x3Cv
  7. Heater: 1x3Kw
  8. Ozonator: 1 pcs
  9. Water flow valves: 1 pcs
  10. Ventury valves: 1 pcs
  11. Paper filters: 1 pcs
  12. Headrest: 2 pcs


Energy consumption

The spa has a maximum electrical consumption of 5.2 Kw, which can be reduced by changing the power of the electrical resistance.

On the other hand, the BALBOA WATER GROUP electronics (USA) allow to reduce heating consumption by activating the ECONOMY mode by which we can heat the water only during filtration periods.