Spa Potenza Maximus

This spa has a hydromassage where you can receive different types of therapy by making a small circuit between its different positions. It has room for up to 7 people, it has a position with jets directed at the neck and shoulders.

  1. Measures: 240x240x96cm
  2. Capacity: 6 peolpe
  3. Total jets: 162 pcs
  4. Roman fountain led: 2 pcs
  5. Underwater led: 1 pcs
  6. Hydromassage - recirculation pump: 3x3Cv/- 1x1Cv
  7. Air pump: 1x0,4Kw
  8. Heater: 1x3Kw
  9. Ozonator: 1 pcs
  10. Ventury valves: 5 pcs
  11. Paper filters: 1 pcs
  12. Headrest: 4 pcs
  13. Aromatherapy
  14. Bluetooth
  15. Pop Up Speakers


The Maximus Model has a maximum electrical consumption of 10,750 W which can be reduced by 30% if it is connected in such a way that the heater and filtration never
start while the hydromassage is activated. On the other hand, the BALBOA WATER GROUP (USA) electronics allow to reduce heating consumption by activating
the ECONOMY Mode by means of which we manage to heat the water only during filtration periods.




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