Spa Calma Nera

5-seater spa for those who want to enjoy a moment of relaxation without high-performance hydrotherapy and all at an affordable cost. Its small measures make it adapt to limited spaces.


  1. Measurements: 180x180x82 cm
  2. Electronic System: BALBOA WATER GROUP
  4. Capacity People: 5 people
  5. Positions: 2 lying / 3 sitting
  6. Total Jets: 23 pcs 
  7. Rotating Jets 5 ″: 2 pcs
  8. Jumbo Jets 3.5 ″: 6 pcs
  9. Small Jets 2 ″: 15 pcs
  10. Perimeter LEDs: Optional
  11. Underwater LEDs: 1 pcs
  12. Net Weight: 230 Kgs
  13. Water Capacity: 820 L


The maximum electricity consumption is 3500 W. On the one hand, the low water capacity of the Spa means that the heating consumption is very low and, on the other, the BALBOA WATER GROUP electronics (USA) allow to reduce the electricity consumption by activating the ECONOMY Mode by which we heat the water only during filtration periods. It offers a high density of insulation as reinforcement of acrylic and a reinforced thermal coverage.