Have you ever imagined what your ideal construction pool would be like?

Inground pools offer us many advantages, since they can be adapted to the needs of each client, from the available space, the desired design, various shapes, materials used, etc.

Visit Aiguapolis and we will personally advise you on what type of built-in pool is best suited to your needs.

The main advantages for choosing a construction pool are:

  • When building a pool, you can choose the shape that you like the most and that best suits the space and structure of your garden.
  • The construction pool can be made with the depth and size you want.
  • They can be adapted to the needs of the space you have, whether they are deeper pools, large or small, elongated, etc. Infinity of options and alternatives.
  • This type of pool construction is highly durable and fairly easy to maintain.
  • Construction pools can be disinfected with salt water or chlorine, depending on what each one chooses.
  • With its covered and heated pool you can enjoy bathing all year round.

In Aiguapolis we use the latest innovations in the construction of work pools, as well as only working with materials of the highest quality, thanks to the experience we have.

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