What is the Finnish sauna?


In this blog we will know what is the Finnish sauna, the most famous sauna style in the world and originating in Finland.

The Finnish sauna is a type of traditional sauna originating in Finland, where the sauna culture is deeply rooted. It is considered the original sauna and has been widely adopted and adapted around the world.

The Finnish sauna is characterized by an enclosed wooden cabin, usually made of spruce or pine wood, which creates a warm and isolated environment. Inside, a sauna oven or stove is placed that generates heat through volcanic stones, which are heated by the combustion of wood, electricity or, in more modern versions, by electric or gas heating systems.

The heat in the Finnish sauna can reach temperatures ranging from 70 °C to 100 °C or more, depending on personal preference. In addition to dry heat, the Finnish sauna ritual includes the periodic application of water over the hot stones to generate steam and increase the relative humidity inside the cabin.

Finnish sauna users usually sit on wooden benches at different levels, as the temperature can vary depending on the height inside the cabin. It is recommended to start at the lowest levels and gradually move up as the body gets used to the heat.

The Finnish sauna is considered an important social and cultural activity. It is common for people to gather in saunas to relax, converse and enjoy the health benefits of the practice.

The Finnish sauna has a long history and is deeply rooted in Finnish culture. It is considered an essential element of wellness and quality of life in Finland, and its popularity has spread to other countries where people have embraced and enjoy this relaxing and cleansing experience.




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